Asphalting & Lighting

Asphalting & Lighting Asphalting & Lighting Asphalting & Lighting Asphalting & Lighting

Asphalting & Lighting

1. Lighting

Al-derah  is a way with customized lighting services that provide the quality of light your business deserves.

You’ll get quality  lighting service tailored to your specific needs, so you can rest assured that your assets will be managed and you’ll be able to work in a safe and energy-efficient environment. Regular and continuous maintenance improves your business and allows you to deliver a positive experience to your customers and employees.

Our Al-derah services include: assessing your current lighting equipment, creating a new lighting plan, hassle-free maintenance, remote support and guaranteed lighting performance. Partner with Al-derah and make your illumination an integral part of your company’s success. We’ll take care of the lighting, so you can take care of business.

Audit and Design Services

The best lighting design begins with a detailed plan. We assess how well your current lighting equipment matches your business needs. We’ll then perform a detailed audit, using the data collected on-site to create the perfect lighting solution for you.


The lighting up of streets by electricity has brought a sense of security and wellbeing to our cities, towns and villages for over 125 years. Although studies have shown that well-placed street lighting can reduce crime and bring about a sense of community, one of the main uses of lighting is for safety, on local roads, dual carriageways, trunk roads and motorways.  The lighting of road junctions and roundabouts can decrease the number of road traffic accidents at these locations. There are many types of street lighting, and we provide the best customized solutions for all our clients.

Al-derah street and roads lighting systems are an efficient means to provide lighting without the need for standard utility power. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and providing no electric bill for the life of the system.

2. Asphalting


High Viscous Asphalt Sealer

You’ll get quality  Asphalt  service tailored to your specific needs, so you can  drive or walk on better road .

 High Viscous Asphalt Sealer is high technology advanced product, to make roads  and compare to the conventional asphalt sealer, it can significantly solve and improve the original pavement skid resistance function.

High viscous asphalt sealer is embodied in two aspects:

  • Firstly, high viscosity special modified asphalt is prepared by air-catalyzed reaction solution, which has good fluidity and construction workability at normal temperature, this is the emulsified sealer can’t achieve on the market;
  • Secondly, our high viscous asphalt sealer add special binder to keep the asphalt with high adhesion that the retention performance of fine sand in asphalt sealer was proved. In addition, the product further add asphalt regenerant, effectively revive the aged asphalt, recover to new black asphalt pavement, that to ensure durability and improve the self-healing performance of the pavement.


1. Multiple Effects: After preventive maintenance of high viscous sand asphalt seal, it can effectively achieve the multiple purposes of waterproof, anti-skid, anti-ultraviolet aging and beautifying functions, and flexibly respond to emergency treatment of various road surface diseases.

2. Simple Construction: No need mixing plant, only need spraying machine and match with fine sand spraying paver, construction is convenient and fast.

3. Prolong Road Service Life: Effectively prevent road asphalt ageing, water immersion, dynamic water scouring, freezing and thawing caused by the scattering, spalling, pit and other diseases, through a pre-maintenance, to protect the pavement structure, thus to prolong the pavement service life more than 5 years;

4. Economic and Beautiful: One product with various effects, effectively blacken asphalt pavement, increase the color contrast between the pavement and the standard line, achieve economic and beautiful effect, its the essential protective agent of asphalt pavement.

Construction Procedure:

1. Clean pavement: Organize manual and mechanical equipment to clean the construction section of the road surface, remove all debris and loose stone, soil, floating dust.

2. Anti-fouling of road marking: The road marking of construction section shall be protected by transparent tape, and the marking shall not be polluted during construction. Remove the tape after construction.

3. Spray fine sand: Uniformly spray fine sand, dosage is 250-350g/m2.

4. Spraying high-viscous asphalt sealer: According to the structure depth and ageing of the original pavement, the spraying amount of high-viscous asphalt sealer is accurately controlled in the range of 0.3-0.6kg/m2.

5. Spray fine sand and open traffic: Re-spray the fine sand at the vehicles tyres passing by, dosage is 100-200g/m2, traffic can be opened after 1-2 hours of maintenance.

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